Vibration and earthquake-resistance tests

Test fields:

  • Vibration and comfort tests on the driver seats of on-road vehicles and tractors
  • Equipment tests operating in earthquake-hazard places
  • Vibration and shock tests on the products due to the effects in-transport
  • Vibration-resistance tests on special products exposed to vibrating environment
  • Transmitting dynamic rigidity of elastic liners
Most important standards and regulations due to these tests:
  • EN 61587-2:2012 Mechanical structures for electronic equipment. Tests for IEC 60917 and IEC 60297 series. Environmental requirements, test set-up and safety aspects for cabinets, racks, subracks and chassis under indoor conditions 2. part: Seismic tests for cabinets and racks (IEC 61587-2:2000).
  • MSZ-05-50.7046:1991 Vibration tests on vehicle parts with simulation of real loading.
  • UNE-EN 60068-2-6:2008 Environmental testing- Part 2-6: Tests- Test Fc: Vibration (sinusoidal)
  • EN ISO 10846-2:2008 Acoustics and vibration -- Laboratory measurement of vibro-acoustic transfer properties of resilient elements -- Part 2: Direct method for determination of the dynamic stiffness of resilient supports for translatory motion
  • 6/1990. (IV.12.) KöHÉM measure (Hungarian), Annex C13.

The tests and examinations are carried out by Brüel-Kjaer and Hottinger measuring-systems, computer controlled hydraulic Schenck Hidropulz vibration and MTS test machines.