Other vehicle and industrial tests

 a. Raised speed test for buses

Qualification of the vehicle’s driving dynamics based on the latest national regulations (Annex no. 15 of 6/1990. (IV.12.) KöHÉM order). It qualifies buses driving permanent high speed (100 km/h) 

 b. TEMPO 100 test

For qualifying the driving dynamics of coaches travelling with 100 km/h speed, but it is based on German requirement, and means specific test method with tire splitting at 100 km/h speed.

 c. Durability and strength tests

These tests are focused on the recognition of the potential weaknesses and the failures occurring during the operation and referring to the lifetime of the vehicle or any other structure and their components.

Examples on these tests:

  • Fatigue curves determination of iron and steel materials at temperatures of +20oC and -60oC
  • Energy absorbing tests of metal, plastic and composite materials
  • Durability tests of installed and individual vehicle parts (leaf spring, seat handrail, seat console, vehicle door installation, …) or complete structure units (axle environment, engine installation, …)
  • Fixing straps and hooks for vehicles

 d. Tests on trains, railway vehicles

  • Dynamic and static tests of train carriage seats by the regulation of UIC 566 and UIC 567
  • Dynamic vibration test of railway control panels
  • Strength tests on train structures
  • Train window tests (rain, dew point, durability) by UIC 566
  • Vibration tests (metro auxiliary-operation inverter, railway brake, railway leading rail,…)

 e. Special tests

  • Road restraint (protective concrete barrier)-by standard EN 1397:2001
  • Utility test of helicopter fast-descending plastic ropes
  • Value estimation of buses
  • Test of ambulance car and its parts (seats, stretcher, different fixing,…) by the standard of EN 1789:2007
  • Tests on police face protecting device, industrial helmets and equestrian helmets due to the standards of EN 166:2001 and EN 397: 1997
  • Body protection device against transfixion  (by Technische Kommission)
  • Controlling of vehicle restructuring, tests for traffic permission